Looks at occident the most northern part of Costa Smeralda on the promontory of Capo Ferro.
At Cala del faro, in a beach of white sand , it leans out on the beach the Residence “I Fenicotteri”.

The extraordinary mix of wild nature and high quality settlement, typical of Costa Smeralda. Here nature and luxury services form a match of relaxing and pleasant atmospheres.
On the opposite side are the islands of the Arcipelago La Maddalena which are part of a National Park are another guarantee of quality on the enviroment. Porto Cervo whith its splendid marina, the fairy tale boats , the summer atmospheres and the beautyful world makes you dream.

Toward east a walk along the cliff of the capo brings to the lighthouse that leans out on Passo delle Bisce and offers a landscape of exclusive beauty.

From “ I Fenicotteri you could contemplate the green and turchese colors of the sardinian seas that are often hugged by beches of white and smooth sand.

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